The ultrasonic test block of X80 pipeline steel plate was successfully completed

2023-11-20 16:37:09

Moda Line, namely Mohe to Daqing section of China-Russia crude oil pipeline, is one of the four strategic oil and gas channels in China. When completed, the pipeline can transport 15 million tons of Russian low-point crude oil per year. With a total length of 926 kilometers, the pipeline passes through areas with fragile ecological environment such as forests, hills and permafrost, which brings great challenges to the construction of the pipeline. In order to detect pipeline welds accurately, quickly and with high quality, the pipeline inspection company adopts advanced AUT phased array detection technology. Because the oil pipeline is relatively long, the thickness of the pipeline and the welding groove style have several specifications. According to the requirements of testing, testing pipelines with different thicknesses and different welded bevels requires corresponding phased array test blocks, each of which is equipped with a support rotating 360 degrees. This not only increases the load of the testing vehicle, but also occupies the use space of the vehicle, which can not meet the field construction requirements of non-destructive testing.

Moda pipeline project team requires our company to design and develop an interchangeable phased array test block support, and phased array test blocks with different wall thickness of the same diameter are only equipped with one support. To this end, the company organized the relevant personnel of the technology, production, quality and other departments to set up a "standard modular phased array test block and support research group", combined with the requirements of the project team and our processing experience accumulated for many years, under the hot sun, after many days of day and night test finally overcome the bottleneck problem of standard modular phased array test block and support. The new phased array test block and support with the same diameter have strong interchangeability and fully meet the requirements of the desert project team.


X80 pipeline steel plate for ultrasonic inspection comparison block (size 6600×4700×22mm山东瑞祥模具有限公司|试块

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