Business philosophy:People-oriented, loyal and trustworthy, pragmatic hard work, pioneering and innovative 

Enterprise spirit:Integrity, innovation, cooperation, win-win

Business objectives::Forge ahead to the world

Core values:Brand is the lifeblood of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise, the market is the fate of the enterprise, and political work is the lifeline of the enterprise.

The three forces we seek and nurture

•  The power of faith—— 
Create an environment where a group of like-minded people can work contentedly in a team spirit and constantly tap their own potential to achieve both the team's goals and their own values; 

  Institutional strength—— 
 Build an organization that adheres to the core values and encourages continuous progress through institutional inheritance and optimization;

  Power of mission—— 

     With the "traditional spirit", we pursue technological innovation, win-win situation and bring value beyond expectation to the society.

Quality values:


Create value with quality and embody value with quality.

The purpose of providing products or services to customers is to enable customers to realize value-added value in the process of using products or enjoying services, that is, to create value for customers, and at the same time, the value of our company and its employees is added and reflected.

Our company's products and services need to create value for customers, society and the country with quality and technology.

Without high quality, high technology is difficult to reflect the value of our enterprise products.

Quality Policy:


Prevention first, a success, continuous improvement, casting first-class.

The Quality policy indicates the quality purpose, direction and commitment of our company.

Prevention-oriented means that product production should start from the source, carry out systematic planning, rationally allocate resources, and take effective measures to eliminate hidden dangers of quality and prevent the occurrence of quality problems. This is the most economical and effective way to implement quality management. A success shows that our company's product production "success is the hard truth", all work should strive to do things well the first time, the pursuit of zero defects, to ensure success.

Continuous improvement refers to improving the quality level and economic efficiency through continuous improvement and innovation.

The process of meeting the growing needs and expectations of our customers and pursuing excellence.

Casting first-class is to establish first-class professionalism, train first-class staff, establish first-class management system, build first-class working environment, provide first-class quality products, and pursue first-class outstanding performance.

Quality Code of Conduct:


Honest and trustworthy, abide by the rules and discipline, strict and careful, continuous improvement.

Honesty and trustworthiness are the most basic principles for every employee to be a person, and the most basic principles for enterprises to be responsible for the country and society. The most basic requirement of quality is to be honest.

Compliance is the basic requirement for enterprises and employees, is the basic code of conduct for enterprises and employees to self-discipline, and is the most basic and effective measure to prevent quality problems and quality accidents.

Strict and careful means that in the whole process of production, for every link, every part, every data, every quality hazard, every specific work, we must be more strict, more careful, and real.

Continuous improvement is the basic principle of quality management and a high-level quality code of conduct, which requires all departments and all employees to never meet the existing quality level, meet the increasingly high quality requirements of products through continuous improvement, establish a first-class quality image, and create first-class quality performance.